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As yet there is no official video for the song 'The River' - This was recorded live as part of Oxjam back in 2014. Jack wrote this song about the life journey of an ordnary man back in 2013 for the album 'Lord of the Empty Manor'. It is fair to say it is one of his most commented on songs live. In 2020 it will be included on the soundtrack to the motion picture Blood From Stone, a vampire film which mixes thriller, drama and love story, to turn the genre on it's head. The film also features another Jack Cade song 'Roll With Them Punches' from the album 'Shakedown'.

Taken from the album 'Lord of the empty Manor' this is a song inspired by Jack Cade's love of Spaghetti Westerns, and so fittingly the video features scenes from Once Upon a Time in the West, The Good The Bad and The Ugly, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Django, Unforgiven and A Fist Full of Dollars.

I am, like all of us, the product of my upbringing, the places I’ve lived, the family and friends around me, the media I consume, the lessons learned at school, in books and even comics. But the history we learn rather than experience, as a very old adage goes, is ‘written by the winners’, and as such, any uncomfortable truths and facts are buried, lost and polished out of existence.

Belly Full A Fire - A call to arms against austerity and the disconnect between the top of society and the everyday people.

Zombie Lawn - Written and produced by Jack Cade's full band The Everyday Sinners, this song was released as a one off single for Halloween 2016 and is the bands homage to the Zombie film and TV genre.

The title track from the first album 'The Fiery Road'

Yella Green Grass - The title track from the Jack Cade album 'A Murder of Crows' - The song is inspired by Church Fields in Rochester in Kent and is a tale about the ghosts of memories past that flow back when you revisit a place.

Early live recording of Yella Green Grass from the album 'A Murder of Crows'

Second single taken from the Jack Cade album Bear Bones - Released on 5 July 2019. A song about denial of the issues and personal daemons that are dragging you down. The video uses footage from a great silent movie made in 1924, The Hands of Orlac. Thanks to for their comprehensive listing of public domain movies. I love the visual images and framing of scenes in this movie and the exagerated expressions used to convey a mood or feeling.

He Lies On His Side is the first single taken from the upcoming solo Jack Cade album 'Bear Bones', out on 5 July 2019.A song about memories, lost dreams and life changing decisions we all make. I'm forever thankful for the sacrifices my folks made, to give me a life where I could make my own life choices.

Dead Man's Shoes - The first track released from the Jack Cade album 'A Murder of Crows' - The song is inspired by the Shane Meadows and Paddy Considine film of the same name and the video was shot in and around Brighton.

Live recording of 'The River' for Oxjam reading Takeover

Preacher Man from the album 'Lord of the empty Manor'

You were the Ammunition is a comment on the divisive politics of fear and hate that is pervading our societies around the globe as austerity squeezes everyday life and we all look for someone to blame. Are we blaming the right people?

Bruises is a new song fro 2020 taken from the recording sessions for Jack's as yet untitled 3rd solo album, due for release in late 2020. This video was ecorded in lockdown.

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