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A Murder of Crows

Released by Collision Music -
Available on CD and Digital Download

Having moved from Reading to Brighton at the beginning of 2015 Jack decided to put together an album of solo work featuring songs that either werent suited for the full band or had not made it onto previous albums.

The songs were recorded by Jack over the summer of 2015 and released in April 2016. This album has received some great reviews in the UK from R2 Magazine, Americana UK  and Fatea Magazine.

R2 Magazine - Jeremey Searle
"The musical accompaniment is minimal, allowing Cade's voice to fill the ether in a manner that recalls American masters of the murder ballad like Cahalen Morrison and Eli West. But rather than simply re-creating an American style Cade's  subjects and music are absolutely English."


Fatea Magazine - Tony Wilding
"12 songs often staring into dark abyss of loss, death, possession, depression, murder and drugs...rise from the depths in the knowledge that each song is in reality a diverse lesson on life's challenges, compassion resting at the heart of the recording, showing example of better times ahead."



Americana UK - Michael Farley
"Jack Cade makes a virtue of a voice so raw that it almost makes Johnny Cash seem operatic and Dylan the voice of an angel"


Track Listing:

01 - Yella Green Grass

02 - Dead Man's Shoes

03 - Hurricane

04 - The Seven Lives of Thomas Lee

05 - The Reading Crack Whore

06 - The last Sunrise

07 - Broke Down Town

08 - Lay Me Down

09 - Yesterday's Gone


A Murder of Crows - Album Cover
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