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Limited edition numbered red vinyl with linocut hand printed cover by Jack. Each one is unique.


The album will be available from 5 July for download. You choose what you pay. All other albums are available here too.

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Available on streaming services from 5 July 2019 .


Shakedown - Digital release
18 August 2017 - Vinyl release
early September

Buy the vinyl version of the Shakedown album with a screen printed cover and bonus track - 16 Tons,

The Store page includes a wide number of links to the music of Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners, but by no means all of them. Their music is released digitally across all the major streaming platforms from iTunes and Spotify to Deezer and Soundcloud. Just search on your preferred platform and you'll find them somewhere. A lot of the songs are also available from Bandcamp, where you can elect how much you'd like to pay for your downloads. All we ask is that you make whatever contribution you can to help us release more music...


Jack Cade

Bear Bone

Metal Enamel Pin Badges

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Jack Cade and the Everyday Sinners

T-Shirt - Red

Jack Cade

'A Murder of Crows'

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