Where am I?
I live in Brighton by the sea in the South of England. It had always been a long term goal to move here. Brighton is a very creative, open and entertaining place to live with a friendly, accepting and diverse culture.

What am I working on?

I am currently working on my third solo album, originally to be finished by summer 2020, but it's not an exact science writing and the process has gone on a bit longer than expected. It's now complete and will be release on January 29th 2021.

It will be a 9 track album, whittled down from 20 or so songs I've written over the last 10 months, mainly during lockdown.

What else am I doing?
Other than the music I am painting and illustrating and working on some written work. I attend a lot of gigs and am always looking for inspirational music I haven't heard before. If you've got something you think I'd like to hear why not send me a link via my FB page .

I plan to move onto a boat in 2021, I really can't afford to buy property in the UK anymore it's prohibitively expensive.


What have I learnt in the last year?

I have spent the last year learning loads about recording and mixing with Logic Pro. I've taken on projects for a couple of other artists, one of which, Tapehead, have just released a single. Check it out here.


It's been a great experience and I have to say that I have some OCD tendencies so have spent a lot of time researching all types of subjects to get the best recorded sound and mixes I can. I spend a lot of time analysing other producers work and trying to understand how they achieve what they do.

What will I learn over the next year?
II plan to move onto a boat next year and so I am doing some boat handling courses and may take that further to boat handling at sea.

What am I listening too?

I have a varied list:

The August List

All Them Witches

Will Hoge

Austin Lucas

Nathaniel Raitliffe and the Night Sweats


Mark Lanegan

Nick Cave

John Foxx

are all getting a lot of spins, but it'll probably change by next week...

What am I reading?

Looking for something to inspire me for the new year...

Jack Cade