Where am I?
In 2015 I moved to Brighton by the sea in the South of England. It had always been a long term goal to move here. Brighton is a very creative, open and entertaining place to live with a friendly, accepting and diverse culture.

What am I working on?

I am currently working on a solo album, originally to be finished by summer 2018, but it's not an exact science writing and the process has gone on a bit longer than expected. It's now nearing Christmas 2018 and the album tracks are written and around 80% finished. A single will be released early 2019 with video and the album should be out around May.

It will be a 10 track album, whittled down from 24 songs I've written over the last 18 months.

What else am I doing?
Other than the music I am painting and illustrating and working on some written work. I attend a lot of gigs and am always looking for inspirational music I haven't heard before. If you've got something you think I'd like to hear why not send me a link via my FB page .

Early in 2017 I decided that I had got way too unfit and started a bootcamp course. I now go three times a week and feel so much better for it. The benefits are not just physical, they are mainly mental and have really helped with focussing on songwriting, playing and the grind of managing a band and all that goes with it.

It's been a hard road getting back to fitness, with a number of back and hip injuries over the last 12 months, but I am finally past a lot of that, running 4 times a week up to 10k and in the gym 3 times a week. As a result I'm down 3 stone in weight and only 1 more to go to get to my ideal running weight. It's been long and to be honest hard at times, but my new low carb diet has helped immensely.

What have I learnt in the last year?

As well as learning about what my body can and can't do now, I have spent the last year learning loads about recording and mixing with Logic Pro. I've taken on projects for a couple of other artists, one of which, Tapehead, have just released a single. Check it out here.


It's been a great experience and I have to say that I have some OCD tendencies so have spent a lot of time researching all types of subjects to get the best recorded sound and mixes I can. I spend a lot of time analysing other producers work and trying to understand how they achieve what they do.

What will I learn over the next year?
I've got myself a lap steel guitar and am going to see what I can do over the next year as well as working on my own standard guitar technique.

What am I listening too?

I have a varied list:

The August List

Will Hoge

Austin Lucas

Nathaniel Raitliffe and the Night Sweats


Mark Lanegan

Nick Cave

John Foxx

are all getting a lot of spins, but it'll probably change by next week...

What am I reading?

Looking for something to inspire me for the new year...

Management & Booking


Collision Music

Email - mark wrangham

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