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Shakedown - 12" Vinyl - Available for pre-order

The Everyday Sinners are back with ‘Shakedown’, their first release since 2013’s ‘Lord of the empty Manor’. This is very much an album of its times and a band making sense of both their personal experiences and the current state of the world around them. The what’s the whys and the wherefores' of where life is headed.

As lead –sinner Jack Cade explains, ‘The main underlying theme of the album has been driven by the turbulent times we've found ourselves in, the use of divisive politics to set people against people to distract them from the real problems. It also looks at how we cope with life and the ups and downs it throws at us. I didn't want it to end up an album of protest songs, more a snapshot of life from the last ten or so years.’

Shakedown - Album Cover

Pre-order the vinyl version of the album with hand printed cover, due out early September

Pre-Order your copy of Shakedown at a reduced price before release.

Shakedown Reviews

Penny Black Music - Steve Kinrade


'Shakedown' is a great introduction to the Everyday Sinners, and Cade’s distinctive voice in particular. It is a collection of thought-provoking well crafted songs, superb musicianship, and energy a plenty. But on further, deeper listening, it unveils itself as something of a protest record with astute social commentary, all wrapped up in some damn fine tunes. So it works on both levels, aiming for a shakedown that contemporary society, the world over, desperately needs. Guys, you have a new fan

Adobe and Teardrops - Rachel Cholst


The songs borrow heavily from protest music of the 19th century, linking the struggles of our great-great-grandparents against the Industrial Revolution (and capitalism as we know it) to the fight against austerity measures today.

Folk And Tumble - Gerry McNally


Like Woody Guthrie before him, Jack Cade pulls no punches in his social commentary of current events.

Utilising their various talents, they’ve delivered a full-blown album of guitar driven passionate country rock music that combined with Cade’s gravel edged voice gives the listener a truly unique experience.

No Depression - Rachel Cholst


The Everyday Sinners proudly marches in a long and distinguished lineage of British protest music that combine celebration with hard truth. The chug-a-lug of the bass and nimble rhythm guitars throw back to American roadhouses and gospel churches, but the lyrics are staunch reminders to hurl yourself against corruption.

Track Listing

01 - Same Old Ways

02 - Belly Full A Fire

03 - 16 Tons

04 - Hold On

05 - Howlin' At The Moon

06 - You Were The Ammunition

07 - Lovin' Kind

08 - The Sun and Moon

09 - Makin' Up

10 - Roll With Them Punches

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