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Bear Bones

Bear Bones is the second solo studio album from Jack Cade, following on from his 2016 album 'A Murder of Crows'.

It's a leap on as an album mixing some full band numbers with more acoustically minded songs. written over the last 18 months, a final 10 songs have been picked for releases on Vinyl and through streaming services. Downloads will be available at some point too.

The album weaves tales around subjects of ordinary everyday struggles and joys, from the opening track 'He Lies on His Side' about the introspection of looking back on an ordinary life lived for a family to the upbeat numbers frustrated at the way the world around is turning. The focus is around Jack's deep growling baritone, but underpinned with harmonies and upbeat tunes. Give it a listen, see what you think.



Limited edition numbered red vinyl with linocut hand printed cover by Jack. Each one is unique.


We ship to the UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Shipping costs can vary, so if you are outside these countries please email for a price.



The album will be available from 5 July for download. You choose what you pay. All other albums are available here too.

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Available on streaming services from 5 July 2019 .


Jack Cade

Bear Bone

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Reviews of Bear Bone

Maverick Magazine - Rob Ramsey

Four Star Review


Listening to Bear Bones is certainly a fulfilling experience. What’s immediately striking are Cade’s vocals, which are exemplary. When you combine that with songs really standing out, you’re onto a winner, especially when the musicianship is very, very good... ...make no mistake Cade has created a stellar album.


Folk and Tumble - Gerry McNally


Bear Bones’ has a great alt-country sound that mixes good rocking tunes with laid back poignant melodic Americana. Cade has a voice that sounds like the illegitimate offspring of Johnny Cash and Tom Waits, and his strong personal lyrics show empathy with everyday feelings and situations. While sounding deceptively bleak at times, the record delivers an upbeat message of hope and encouragement. Such is the quality and depth of the songwriting and music on this record it could be described as Cade’s very own ‘Nebraska’.

Americana UK - Mike Elliott

Jack Cade will never be accused of having a golden throat. Imagine Kris Kristofferson in a heated argument with Tom Waits, Captain Beefheart, and Johnny Cash. If it helps, or just for fun, picture the gigantic yellow bear head that graces the cover of his second solo album, ‘Bear Bones,’ as the singer of the songs within. Once you get it, though, you’ll be glad you stuck around, because ‘Bear Bones’ is one captivating listen...

...‘Bare Bones’ is not so much a departure for Cade as it is an evolution. He’s learned to channel the dark and acoustic tones of his earlier work into a more accessible sound, yet it remains raw and powerful. By making many of these songs rock-based and hook-heavy (and the songs stay with you long after the album’s over), Cade has guaranteed his music will reach a wider audience without compromise – every artist’s ultimate dream.

Track Listing

01 - He Lies On His Side

02 - Little Bag Of Tricks

03 - When You Come Running

04 - Dust

05 - Four Letter Word

06 - She Got Something To Say

07 - Sunshine King

08 - Who Will Be The Last To Fall

09 - Movin' On

10 - Stripped

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